Danielle Mohlman

Often mistaking books for boyfriends. Always writing plays.

#23: The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard

Laura was right.  This was a great book.  And sometimes when you’re (technically) unemployed and it’s summer and you’re working part time and surrounded by people you know from your last job, you need to read a slam novel about someone who goes missing.  Because it’s one thing to be theoretically lost.  And it’s quite another to be missing. 

Pittard’s style reminded me a lot of Jennifer Egan's.  In the I-want-to-read-everything-she-writes way.  In the watch-out-Pulitzer-2019 way.  This is a (very) promising first novel.  And I hate that I returned it the first time I checked it out from the library.  But I was ready this time.  My uncertainty made me ready.  Jesus.

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